What is Space Mine?

SPACE MINE is a service that makes solar planets metaverse, mines exist on each planet, and mineral resources in mines. Mining (mines) are made into NFTs for pre-sale (Binance NFT/PANCAKE swap), general users get minerals in the mine of the metaverse, mined minerals can be swapped with SpaceMine's tokens ("MINE"), and swapped tokens are cashed in Binance pancakes and listed exchanges.

Metaverse in SPACE MINE refers to a solar system planet, and each planet stores a variety of minerals. At PHASE 1 we sell 10 out of 100 mines in Mars first through NFT, and open the mines through smart contract voting.

Users can purchase mining equipment suitable for each mine with MINE tokens in the metaverse and mine various minerals with the purchased equipment. Mined minerals can be swapped with MINE tokens through metaverse or wallets, and cashed in the exchanges with swapped tokens. Equipment can be upgraded with MINE Token, and upgraded equipment can be sold on the exchanges.

The mining of SPACE MINE is divided into user mining and miner machine ('big-scale automatic mining machines') mining. General users can mine through mining activities, and users who purchase mining machines can automatically the minerals with mining machines. Miners have to purchase different miners for each planet.

SPACE MINE has a variety of business models, including NFT sales, transaction fees, taxes through mining, and mining machine sales. Mined minerals are exchanged for tokens and assets in the metaverse and they are naturally locked up for specific periods for new equipment purchases, equipment upgrades, and mining purchases.

SPACE MINE has one special thing. It will differentiate itself from other competitors. If you play games in SPACE MINE, you can get real cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB. We wiil describe it in detail at Special Event page.

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