Token Matrix

Total Supply 964,000,000 MINE. The allocation plan is as below.

Total Supply

The address of ERC20, BEP20

1. Private Sale (10%)

96,400,000 MINE


2. Marketing (5%)

48,200,000 MINE


3. R&D (5%)

48,200,000 MINE


4. P2E -Mining (60%)

578,400,000 MINE


5. Founders (10%)

96,400,000 MINE


6. Advisor (5%)

48,200,000 MINE


7. Public Sales (5%)

48,200,000 MINE



964,000,000 MINE

No.1 priority of the project is getting users engaged with our SPACEMINE and enjoy it. So, we allocate 60% of Total supply for ‘Play to Earn – Mining’ and have a plan of locking up the token for Founders, Private Sale, Advisor and R&D.

For marketing, we prepare the details at the page of ‘Marketing’ and Especially, We set 5% for ‘Partners’.

Partners will work with us like below.

. Develop each market to get users and investors who buy our ‘MINER’ machines

. Game influencers who have channel in Youtube and Twitch

. Private investors or strategic investors who have the game eco-platform or game to promote SPACEMINE

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