We basically protect our systems and servers under the regulations of KISA, Korea security agency and we especially prepare the protection plan from malicious and illegal attacks like Mining Attack and Wallet Attack.

Mining Attack & Wallet Attack

A malicious attempt to discredit blockchain network integrity. It's Mining Attack.

In case of Wallet Attck, the hackers can DDOS our servers in a data center and and stay up to get the web-based wallet.

So, we have security plan like below.

1. 24 X 7 Monitor the serving facilities

We monitor the serving facility for 24 x 7 under the strong security environment and basically block the DDOS attacks.

2. Mining volume CAP

Our system has the rule of the mining volume-cap of every hour and every character and once we track the abnormal attempts, we promptly block it.

3. Security Operation for Web-based wallets

. Basically, we totally sperate Cold Wallet with web-based Wallets

. We manage the token volume to be transferred to the web-based wallets. We have the policy of the transfer volume and not allow the abnormal volume to be transferred.

Build our serving facilities under ISMS regulation

We will build our serving environment under the regulation of ISMS (the Internet Security Managemet System) of KISA, offical security agency in Korea and also install CCTVs and manage it for 24 hours.

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