Play to Earn(Mining)

Token Amount

Allocation scheme

Lock-up period

Unfreeze %


60% of total supply and will be allocated for 10 years



The play to earn issuance represents 60% of the total SPACEMINE supply.

The goal of the play to earn tokens is to attract a wide range of global and SEA Asia users and have special event for promotion. Please refer to the page “SPECIAL EVENT”.

The formula for planning the volume of "Mining" is ...

We make a plan of getting new users and forecast the token price and calculate the token allocation volume and then adjust the 'Having' level at each Quarter like the below table.

We will allocate much more volume for the year 2022 ~ 2023 and the Q2, Q3 2022 will be the peak and we will allocate the biggest portion, 6.11%, and 7.32%.

We will adjust the high having rate from the end of year '2025'.

Play to Earn

Participants who own mining NFTs receive a certain amount of minerals mined from the mine as profits.

To become a mining NFT owner, there are ways to purchase NFT sold by the company,

· purchase it with P2P, minerals collected through mining, and

· purchase NFT in the game with MINE tokens. Participants mining in mines can mine minerals with mining equipment.

The amount of mining depends on the character's grade, equipment grade, mining pet, and collaboration.

Participants can increase mining volume by continuously upgrading their character's abilities and possessing a variety of equipment. In addition, participants can speed up mining through various actions such as mouse clicks and screen touches.

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