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SPACEMINE technology and blockchain;
SPACEMINE is based on decentralized finance like other GameFi.
In SPACEMINE, token-based transactions like buying and trading take place on blockchains, decentralized digital ledgers.
SPACEMINE refers to decentralized applications (“dapps”) with finance incentives. Those generally involve tokens granted as rewards for mining minerals in the planets, winning battles against the ghost in game and growing the game level.
First, we will have more than 200,000 MINERs in 2023 and they're based on the blockchain and plan to build the cluster network of 'MINER' machines and will become the node of blockchain.
In our blockchain, we store the mining algorithm and the location information of the minerals like the latitude, longitude and depth of mineral resources.
And we build the blockchain supporting ERC-20 and BSC platform and also make the wallets supporting multi-chain networks.
MINE is our governance token that confers a right to participate in discussions on the future direction of the project. MINE can also be staked to earn interest.
Our token economy hinges on two tokens, MINE and NFT, digital certificates of game characters and digital mining lands.
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