The 1st Priority on 4E, Exciting, P2E, Users' Eternal Value to Keep Engaging with SPACE MINE

Games are the most notable field in the metabus industry because blockchain is the platform that connects Metabus games with reality. In the near future, games, metabuses, and blockchain technologies are expected to meet to create an ecosystem that cashes game goods.

We combine the current environmental pollution of the Earth and the interest of Mars exploration to replace the Earth, implementing the mineral resources minig Metaverse.

Exciting Play to Earn

. The main purpose of SPACE MINE is to obtain minerals and tokens. To this end, users can upgrade their characters and equipments to obtain more of minerals and tokens.

. Users can get the minerals and can invest with the token s to purchase land and mines to earn tax revenue from the purchased land and mines, and build their own landmarks on their own land and collect various items.

Keep Engaging Users with SPACE MINE

. We have 5 years long-term product roadmap. It's likely the map for eternal mining proejcts in Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. We will keep posting the schedule of the roadmap and the tips for game oepration and upload it in our community, telegram and twitter page.

. Users have to eagerly check out our community not to loose the special event and to keep earning more tokens and securing NFT.

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