SPACE MINE participants generate profits in a total of four ways.

  1. Participants who own land NFTs receive a certain amount of minerals mined from the mine as profits. To become a land NFT owner, there are ways to purchase NFT sold by the company, purchase it with P2P, minerals collected through mining, and purchase NFT in the game with MINE tokens. Participants can mine minerals with mining equipment. The volume of mining depends on the character's level, equipments level, mining pets level and collaboration.

  2. Participants can increase mining volume by continuously upgrading the level of their character's and the equipments. In addition, participants can speed up mining through various actions such as mouse clicks and screen touches.

    1. Character ratings can be continuously upgraded. There are four types of abilities to be upgraded: physical strength, speed, equipment capability , and technology. If the character level exceeds 30 above, you can mint it as NFT to buy and sell characters through the market. You have to buy the character at 1 MINE at first.

    2. Mining equipment varies from mineral to mineral. Each equipment can be upgraded, and if the equipment level exceeds 5 above, it can be mint NFT to buy and sell equipment through the market. The user must initially purchase the equipment with a 1 MINE token.

    3. 'MINER's can mine faster through mouse clicks in the PC version and screen touches in the mobile version. Items can be used for fast mining, and items can be purchased through each mined mineral.

    4. In the planet, NFT refers to various assets such as buildings, land, companies, and art. Assets on the planet play a role in increasing number of users engaged with SPACE MINE.

    5. Users can increase mining pets indefinitely. Mining pets play a role in automatically mining even if miners do not mine. Mining pets can only be purchased with MINE, and mining pets will disappear if they are not managed. Mining pets should provide minerals from mines as food. Miner Pet can be upgraded and can be mint NFT from level 5 and sold in the market

* The special thing about SpaceMine's P2E is that Bitcoin and Ethereum can be mined in one unit. This is a key function of purchasing characters and equipment and selling miners to users.

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