Basic Play

  1. Characters are continuously changed with different levels and can be upgraded. There are four types to be upgraded: physical strength, speed, equipment capability and technology. If the character level exceeds 30 above, you can trade characters through the NFT market. The first character will be given for free.

  2. Mining equipment varies from mineral to mineral. Each piece of equipment can be upgraded and if the equipment level exceeds 5, it can be minted to NFT and can be traded through a market. Users can purchase various equipment at different prices with MINE.

  3. The mining speed is accelerated by clicking on the mouse in the PC version and touching the screen in the mobile version. Items can be used for fast mining, and items can be purchased with mined minerals. Mining can purchase and sell various NF .

  4. There are several types of goods to be traded on the planet. Users can earn more profits with goods including land, miner machines,s and asset value that can earn tax revenue, planetary companies, artworks, and real estate. These goods are limited and can be traded with NFT.

  5. There are various items in SPACE MINE that can decorate characters and equipment. These additions can be the uniqueness of the goods and can be issued and sold in a unique NFT metaverse.

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